PNG to WEBP Online Converter

Our free online tool is specially designed to convert PNG images to WEBP efficiently. It supports various formats and provides you the liberty to control the quality and size of your images, offering the most effective image conversion solutions.

Image Quality

This parameter only applies to JPEG, WEBP, and HEIC images and will be ignored otherwise. The better the quality, the bigger the file size. And the lower the quality, the smaller the file size.

All uploaded files are deleted after 1 hour.

How to Convert PNG to WEBP?

1. Click on the "Upload" button to upload a PNG image.
2. Select WEBP as the output image format.
3. Press the "Convert" button to begin the conversion process.
4. Once the conversion is complete, click the "Download" button to save the WEBP image.
5. If you have multiple converted images, use "Download ZIP" for easier handling.
6. To convert another image, simply select "Convert another image".

Welcome to your premier online solution for converting PNG images to WEBP format. Our tool offers a quick, efficient conversion process, focusing on maintaining image quality.

Understanding PNG and WEBP:

PNG and WEBP are both popular image formats, each with its unique benefits. PNG is a lossless image format supporting transparency, making it excellent for complex graphics and web images.

WEBP offers superior compression, delivering high-quality images with a significantly smaller file size than PNG. This feature makes WEBP images load faster, contributing positively to web performance.

Reasons to Convert PNG to WEBP:

Converting PNG to WEBP is all about achieving efficiency without compromising quality. If your goal is to enhance your website's loading speed while preserving image integrity, WEBP is your ideal choice.

Batch Convert PNG to WEBP Images:

Our tool permits you to convert multiple PNG files to WEBP format simultaneously. Upload your files, and download your new WEBP images after the tool completes the conversion. Repeat this process as needed.

Fast & Easy PNG to WEBP Conversions:

We aim to make your conversion process as quick and effortless as possible. Be sure to download your converted files within an hour, as we prioritize your privacy by deleting all files from our server post this period.

Safety is Our Priority:

Your original PNG files remain untouched on your device. We prioritize your security and privacy, deleting all files from our server after one hour. Enjoy secure, quick, and easy conversions with us!